According to the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance, every company established in Hong Kong needs to prepare audited financial statements every year. The annual audit can help investors and management to understand the company's financial position to ensure that the company can improve in accordance with the strategy specified by management as soon as possible. When there are operational problems found in the audit process, we will actively provide improvement plans, and will evaluate the company's existing accounting and management systems, provide further improvement programs, improve the efficiency of business operations and management, and thus increase the profits of enterprises and overall competitiveness.
Statutory Audit
Clients which are the subsidiaries of a listed company:
  • Subsidiary of Food Idea Holdings Limited (HKEx: 8179)
  • Subsidiary of L & A International Holdings Limited (HKEx: 8195)
Non-Statutory Audit (Special Audit)
In addition to statutory audits, our audit services also include:
  • Specific audits are litigation cases, mergers and acquisitions
  • Audit for charities,associations and certain non-statutory groups
  • Due diligence

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