There are a number of laws in Hong Kong that regulate the day-to-day operations of enterprises to ensure the normal development of enterprises, such as the "Companies Ordinance", the "Business Registration Ordinance", the "Stamp Tax Ordinance", the "Companies (Winding-up) Rules" and the "Companies (Forms) Regulations”, etc. If there is a violation, the company will be punished. It is not worthwhile for the management to take legal action for neglecting these laws and regulations due to busy business. Therefore, we will provide our clients with professional company secretarial services and use our professional knowledge to make appropriate treatments for our clients in accordance with the requirements of the law to ensure that our clients receive the best possible benefits.
We offer a range of company secretarial services:
  • Establishment and registration of Hong Kong and offshore companies
  • Create and replace legal records
  • Arranging and attending directors' and shareholders' meetings and preparing meeting minutes
  • Handling share transactions, for example: acquisition, transfer of company shares, etc.
  • Preparation and submission of business registration application
  • Provide registered address
  • Company dissolution and bankruptcy
  • Preparation and submission of statutory documents, including annual returns
  • Assist clients to open bank accounts in Hong Kong and overseas
  • Advising Hong Kong on investment visas and work permits

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