Financial due diligence has become an important part of M&A activity. Financial due diligence has also become a good corporate governance initiative and a program for increasingly complex business transactions. Financial due diligence is not limited to M&A transactions, but also applied to business sales transactions. Financial due diligence is very similar in many respects to the review of financial statements, and our work is conducted in accordance with strict professional standards. Since such acquisitions or sales transactions are usually very important and time factors are critical, we would only appoint qualified and experienced personnel to handle the work. With our extensive experience in various business and industry sectors, we can also advise you on the type and complexity of investment transactions before you make a decision.
Services including:
  • Collect high quality financial and commercial information
  • Design the appropriate assessment
  • Provide assistance in consultations and final investment decisions
  • Identify any hidden debts and evaluate contingent plans
  • Assist in complying with different listing rules and exchange regulations
  • Review the appropriate application and appropriateness of financial reporting standards in financial statements
  • Going concern assessment
  • Due diligence
  • Mergers and acquisitions

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