We provide customers with one-stop establishment of corporate services, including the establishment of Hong Kong and offshore companies. From the initial name of the company, to the opening of the bank account in the later period, we can do it for you. The clients only need to provide relevant instructions and information and the company set-up could be made easily and smoothly.
Hong Kong Company Set-up
Over the past decade, Hong Kong has maintained its status as an international financial centre and Asia's leading business and trade centre, thanks to a preferential tax system. As a leading international financial center, Hong Kong's foreign trade-oriented economy is very open and a major channel for overseas investment in China. The local business environment in Hong Kong is very beneficial to business. It is extremely simple to set up a company, operate a company, meet legal requirements, and handle taxation.

The company to be established requires at least one director and shareholder, a Hong Kong company secretary and a Hong Kong registered address. The shareholders and directors of the company need not be Hong Kong residents. We can provide Hong Kong company secretary and registered address services.

It takes about 1-2 working days to set up a Hong Kong company or buy a ready-made company to use.
Offshore Company Set-up
For those who intend to conduct business and financial arrangements outside Hong Kong such as the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, etc., the establishment of an offshore company may be an ideal choice. The reasons include no requirement to disclose the identity of its shareholders and directors, the protection of assets, tax concessions, stability politics and business environment, capital flow and freedom of asset transfer.

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