We provide our clients with a reasonable tax plan. Our service goals will assist you in all stages through taxation. We will provide reasonable and corresponding advice to avoid unnecessary losses and risks, and we will pay close attention to tax changes in Hong Kong and other countries.
Our tax consulting services including:
  • Acting as the tax representative of the client
  • Propose appropriate and effective corporate and personal tax structure
  • Review of tax arrangements and operations
    1. Review the business operations of the client with reference to the existing tax legislation, the interpretation of the Inland Revenue Department and the implementation guidelines
    2. Follow-up review to assist clients in their business operations
    3. Identify possible tax issues and corresponding actions to be taken
  • Tax investigation / field audit
    1. Assist in drafting and presenting proposals to the tax authorities
    2. Assist in drafting and presenting statements to the tax authorities regarding penalties
    3. Conduct an independent review prior to review to understand the items that may need to be adjusted
    4. Established strategies for handling tax audits
    5. Explain to the clients the general procedures for tax audits and the tax issues involved
    6. Minimize the impact on the client's business during the tax review period
    7. Accompany the client to attend the interview of the Inland Revenue Department and follow up with the official of the Inland Revenue Department responsible for the case
  • Voluntary confession
    1. Opportunity to get a lower penalty rate
    2. Provide clients with advice on potential items of interest
    3. Assist clients in preparing and submitting appropriate proposals to the tax bureau
    4. Assist in the drafting and filing of penal arrangements with the Inland Revenue Department

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